Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsThe Los Angeles Convention Center is the perfect site for a variety of events. Here are the answers to some of our most common questions. If you don't see what you need here, please call our Sales and Marketing Department at 213-741-1151.

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What services are provided exclusively by the LACC?

The LACC is the exclusive service provider of telecom/internet, catering, house sound, meeting room, lighting and public foods.

Do I need to obtain any special permits from the Fire Department?

Exhibits meeting certain criteria must apply for a "Fire Department Permit." See Fire Department Regulations found in Section II of the Los Angeles Convention Center Event Planning Guide.

Are there any height restrictions on exhibit booths?

LACC permits structures and display elements to be built to the following heights: South Hall=36', West Hall=33' (rear soffit area=22'), Kentia Hall=16', all Meeting Rooms have been calculated at the ceiling height minus (-) 3'.

Do I need to submit final floor plans to LACC?

You will need to submit six (6) copies of draft size floor plans to your Event Manager before sale of booth (recommended to submit at least one month prior to your event move-in date. Plans should be 1/32" scale). The Fire Inspector will review them to ensure that they are in compliance with LAFD codes.

Do I need to submit floor plans for individual booths?

Booths over 400 square feet and/or booths containing Category II type structures must submit plans addressing certain concerns. See "Exhibit Structure and Building Permits" in Section III of this guide.

Are there any restrictions on exhibit structures covered with fabric or other solid material?

Exhibit structures with covered areas exceeding 750 sq. ft. or greater must install an automatic fire sprinkler system to protect the covered areas. See information regarding "Covered Areas and Structures" in Section III for further details.

Do I need to hire security?

Show Management must meet minimum event security staffing requirements as established by the LACC. Contact your Event Manager for additional details.

Do I need First Aid coverage for my event?

First Aid coverage (i.e. EMT) is required for all exhibit/expo events. First Aid staff must be on duty a ½ hour prior to event opening and a ½ hour after the event closing. First Aid coverage during move-in and move-out is recommended but not required. However, events with an estimated attendance of 2,000 or greater are required to have First Aid coverage. Contact your Event Manager for additional details.

Some of my exhibitors would like to provide attendees with samples of food, soda and wine. Is this allowed?

Exhibitors, who wish to provide food sampling or non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage tastings during an event, must request and receive specific written permission from LACC's Food Services Division. All sampling must be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the California Health Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Los Angeles County Health Department. Show Management should contact Food Services for additional details and applicable fees.

Can I check-in my bags and luggage at the LACC and have my personals transported directly to the LAX Security Check-in?

Yes. Now you can efficiently and smoothly check-in baggage at the LACC and get your boarding pass to LAX. For more information, consult with your Event Manager. This service is offered based on particular event need.

What is the mailing address of the facility?

1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

What is the main telephone line of the facility?

(213) 741-1151