Our expert staff and proficient Event and Sales representatives can provide answers to all of your questions or needs. Services provided at the Los Angeles Convention Center are consistently delivered at the highest level.

All utility services including electrical, plumbing, compressed air, and natural gas must be provided by one of the three following companies:

1. Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services

2. Trade Show Electrical/GES

3. Freeman Electrical

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The companies listed on the Service Providers List are provided as a courtesy to our clients for the planning of their event. These companies are not contracted with the Los Angeles Convention Center; however, they have a history working successfully in the facility.

All companies are required to submit the following documents:

Additionally, Rigging Services are completed by licensed rigging contractors that have met the requirements of the Los Angeles Convention Center for suspending items from the building's structure.

Clients utilizing the Service Providers List should verify documents as deemed necessary.

The Los Angeles Convention Center assumes no warranty nor accepts responsibility for the performance of the companies listed. If you would be interested in providing feedback for the services you received from a listed company, please contact Event Services at 213-741-1151.

If you are a company interested in being added to the Service Providers List, please contact Event Services at 213-741-1151 for additional information.