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Environmental Sustainability is at the Top of L.A. Convention Center’s Priorities

Aug 27, 2014

Los Angeles, CA (August 27, 2014) - In January 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency and urged Californians to cut water waste by 20% and AEG Facilities’ Los Angeles Convention Center has sought ways to contribute to water conservation throughout its venue. Beginning in February 2014, the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) has replaced 80% of sprinklers located throughout the facility’s vast outdoor areas. The improved irrigation system features leak-preventing nozzles, which have measurably reduced water usage and waste at the Center. The LACC has also introduced a new, water-saving irrigation plan consisting of separating vegetation areas into two zones. In previous years, the sprinklers were active for 15 minutes daily; now, depending on the zone, the sprinklers will be active for only 6 minutes or 10 minutes per day – a significant decrease in the midst of California’s three-year drought.

As part of the refined irrigation system, the LACC Operations team is also monitoring irrigation meters on a weekly basis to ensure a timely response to any excessive water use or waste and to mitigate any issues before they arise. Project leaders have found that such precise monitoring will contribute to the LACC’s on-going effort to lead the convention center industry in environmental sustainability, a vital facet of the LACC’s commitment to excellence. The improved irrigation system enhances the LACC’s water conservation program by yielding 10% in water savings monthly.  

Beyond improving irrigation practices, water conservation efforts also include updating the fire pump systems. The LACC West Hall jockey pump was replaced with a mechanical seal pump, which has zero water loss emission. The LACC is also diligently repairing all existing fire pump packings to minimize water loss. While there is substantial investment involved with this project, the results will contribute to long-term water conservation and monetary savings. Additional maintenance repair is underway to replace cooling water solenoid valves, which will prevent water loss after pumps shut down.

In addition to water conservation initiatives, the LACC has also strengthened its sustainability program by collaborating with family-owned, Los Angeles supplier, Maintex. Earlier this year, Maintex evaluated paper towel, toilet tissue and hand hygiene spending and its environmental impact at the LACC. In August 2014, Maintex introduced standardized paper and soap dispensing systems, improving sustainability by eliminating resource waste, which will save the LACC thousands of dollars annually. Partnering with Maintex aligns with LACC’s and AEG’s commitment to sourcing local partners and reducing its carbon footprint by reinvesting profits into the local economy.


About the Los Angeles Convention Center

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