Theater 411

Facility Improvement Projects

First opened to the public in 1971, the LACC has since undergone modernization and expansion; as a testament to our continuous effort to enhance our facility and services, the LACC has completed numerous Alteration & Improvement Projects as well as Capital Improvement Projects.  These critical projects have enhanced both functionality and aesthetics of the LACC and include:

  • The installation of a 2.21-megawatt solar array that significantly reduces our carbon footprint
  • Addition of a rooftop garden
  • Upgraded the parking system to expedite transaction time
  • EV Charging stations in the parking garages
  • Added hundreds of digital security cameras throughout the facility
  • Replaced existing carpet 
  • Installed the latest energy-efficient products such as “cool roofs” and new air handling units
  • Replaced restroom and kitchen faucets and dishwashers with low-flow equipment
  • Installed water-filling stations throughout the facility to aid in the diversion of single-use plastic bottles
  • Remodeled the Theatre (411)
  • Upgraded Café furniture
  • Added new modern lobby furntiure throughout the facility
  • Upgraded IT infrastructure and operating systems throughout the Center

The LACC continues to upgrade the facility. Stay tuned for exciting updates!