The Los Angeles Convention Center Celebrates the First 50 Years


July 2021 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

For 50 years we’ve served as a gathering place for communities near and far, big and small. For 50 years, we’ve been a major economic driver for the city of Los Angeles and a prominent part of the DTLA landscape. And for 50 years, we’ve enabled people, communities and thought-leaders to come together to celebrate and entertain, buy and sell, educate, network, compete, and even become U.S. citizens.  Each and every event has contributed to the Convention Center’s vibrant history.


We invite you to follow along with us here and on our social media channels as we share photos and golden moments from the past 50 years.  If you have a special memory you would like to share, we encourage you to email us so it can be featured on an upcoming "Throwback Thursday" post.



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Los Angeles Convention Center's Greatest Hits of the 70s